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Russian Hallmarks
by: Amanda Mason

Upon the collapse of the USSR in 1959 the government inspection hallmark of Russia was a 5 point star with a hammer and sickle inside of it. The numbers 583 indicate the purity of the soviet gold and these stamps were used up until 1992.



by: linda

Thank you for your comments as I have wondered about certain things dealing with russia. It makes a lot of sense to me what you have said. I know that many russians escaped at the turn of the century and came to Canada and the United States for refuge. Many brought their jewelry with them, and to survive had to sell for what ever they could get.

I am also aware that many gemologists have never actually seen a real alexandrite and are confused by the coloring. synthetics were created in the 1960's in a factory called chatam unsure of spelling at this moment sorry.

But as i also have a small synthetic alexandrite the color change is in no comparison to the large gem i have.

Russian Jewelry Story
by: Anonymous

I am not a specialist, but it can be Russian according to  the mark.

Before the Russian revolution and after, there was plenty of jewelry with alexandrite in Russia - even if it is said that's it's a very rare stone . I do not know when they started to produce synthetic alexandrite, but even after WWII Russian jewelry factories produced plenty of jewelry with low- quality stones in silver.

You might be surprised to know that In Russia, the gemstone - Alexandrite is a widow's stone and as I was told, it should only be worn if you are a widow.

I have a ring with alexandrite of   the soviet period in silver with gold top of silver. The hallmark is stamped on the outside of the band too, but different.

I would like to say that Russia is the country where everything and anything can happen, things happen that would not be possible somewhere else. I was told a story of how some jewelers  working in factory put natural stones in cheap silver rings  and then  tried to buy  them from shops (they made special designs to identify the rings later), as they were unable to steal them from factory!

Many Russians emigrated after revolution, after WWII and now. During all that time to take your treasure overseas was impossible, as you would be stopped and all your valuables  taken from you forever, even 15 years ago!

For example, I know one lady  83 years old, that went to New Zealand 15 years ago. She told me that she had some antiques from 1900 and older from her parents, given to her from mother to daughter back a few  generations.

She was afraid of losing them and so asked a jeweller to put a low stamp of gold  instead of high (22ct to 9 ct) or take out clasp where was a stamp, and he did this.

So 100 years in Russia is a long and horible history. I would not be sure of any stamp on the russian rings. Just a test of a stone and  gold by specialist. This is my opinion. Sorry if it is not what you expected. regards


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