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18 carat ring
by: Russ

I found a ring in some woods been there a while, says "18 carat gold cased" on inside. any comments?

Gold Filled & Rolled Gold
by: Anonymous

Hi Pauline thank you for writing in about the following cameo hallmark question:

"i have a cameo ring which is octagonal shape and on inside of band is stamped the wording gold cased please what does this mean?"

Pauline, it sounds like an ambiguous way of saying - rolled gold. Rolled gold is an older term for "Gold Filled".

You can detect pieces by a close inspection of the places that get the most wear. Because the coating of gold is thin, wear points are usually easy to detect, especially on antique jewelry.

Info on Antique Cameo Jewelry can be found Here.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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