Gold locket with a horizontal anchor? Still Birmingham?

by Rhiannon

Hi, i recently recieved a gold locket for my 18th and just wanted to know a bit about it.

I've studied a bit and i know that the 375 means that its 9 carat gold, but it has a decimal point before it, like so ?375 , what does this mean? There is also a seperate 9 stamped before this as well, does this just clarify that is it 9 carat?

There is an anchor on the gold which i know means that its made in Birmingham, but instead of being vertical, the anchors horizontal. What does this mean?

It also has the makers mark R&R as the first stamp, and after having looked at the makers marks in Birmingham i couldn't find an R&R, and i'm sure its not an R&P which there is a name of a maker under. (By the way, i'm not sure if it's an '&' sign but i can't think what else it would be) Would you have any idea of the maker?

The last symbol is a Y, im aware this relates to the year it's made... but i'm not sure what year that would be..

If you could give me any information on this i'd be very thankful!

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