Gold Quartz "Stuarti" Watch Can't Identify ANY Info

by Lynn

I have this watch and I know it's old and I know it's probably real but I cant find ANYTHING about the name, age, value, at all and would really like any information with what i've got here.

It says "Stuarti" at the top above twelve and "Quartz" on the bottom below six.There are very two small diamonds at 12 and 6 which im like 100% sure are real, not sure if its real gold but i beleive is it..

It's dainty and verrrry nice, woven band, petite square/rectangularish face but this watch still has soft lines, it doesn't look all geometric.

On the inside is says "unadjusted" and " 5 five jewels " it has a a " w" looking thing and a "t" on what seems to be random to my clueless eye. It has a hallmark i beleive which is a square with a curvy looking "H" on the inside, Someone said it almost looks like a patch of bricks.

Any info possible price where it came from would fabulous. Thanks!

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