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HA Mark
by: Yvonne

Hi Jan

we're getting closer. I'm leaning towards antique gold wedding ring dated 1855. The maker could be Henry Hyde Aston, Birmingham.
Traditionally, antique gold wedding rings were made of 22 carat gold.

Concerning H.A Maker's mark. Some may assume Henry Atkins; (Sheffield, UK) - ca 1841 - 1920s) the position of the decimal point is a differentiating feature.



Half Crown follow-Up (oops)
by: Jan

Thanks for your help Yvonne,

I'm red faced here. Shortly after posting about the half crown ...

I found the hallmarks contained mud or some filler? On cleaning (my son used degreaser?) it IS a full crown.
He has taken a new photo with the cleaned hallmarks.

I can't find a way to post with a photo in the comments so I'll do as you suggest and post a new followup submission

hmmm anyone who is a novice like me..please try cleaning the hallmarks when they look like half a one:)

A crown! what is it?
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Jan

Jan, the crown (sideways) is puzzling. The crown (straight) in a square followed by 22 in square is the UK - on 22ct GOLD - ca 1844 - 1974.

"A crown? What is it! It is to bear the miseries of the people, To hear their murmurs, feel their discontents, and sink beneath a load of splendid care!" Hannah More (1745 - 1833)

You can have lots of fun with marks! A committee member, under standing orders, having read the above lines of Hannah More's Daniel, pt. vi, 1. 72.?

A distinct variable letter of the alphabet denotes the year in
which the ring is marked.

Jan, if you would like me to research this mark further you will need to provide two more images of the mark, taken from different angles. In a follow-up submission attach the images and in the title box type - Half Crown follow-Up.

Best Wishes,

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