Gold ring with only HALF a crown on clear stamp?

by Jan Noack
(Sydney,NSW, Australia)

Half a crown ? G is 1855 or 1931?

Half a crown ? G is 1855 or 1931?

What is the item? gold ring marked for Birmingham (anchor sideways), 22ct gold , G (maybe 1855?), makers mark H . A (with clear spaces between letters and fullstop)

All stamps are very clear except for the crown.
Ring does not show a lot of wear.

There is a stamp which could be the right half of a crown? (see photo attached)

The ring is an unusual coppery shade of the usual buttery 22ct gold, not the old rose gold I have in my great grandmothers/great great aunts rings ca1905 to 1915, but a more intense buttery yellow gold with a slight copper tinge.

Can you please provide all background information?
I just purchased this ring from Knightwood antiques. While admitting he is not an expert, the shop owner thinks the ring stamps are Harry Atkins (from the H.A on silver for Aitkin Bros in 1931) , 1931 by the G year mark and the little wear on the ring, Birmingham (anchor), 22ct gold (stamped 22)

The H.A on the ring appears more spaced than on the identification guide here for Aitkin Bros and the dot on the ring is in the middle not the bottom of the letters(, and the background stamp of the makers mark is a different shape. That may be as the ring is gold not silver?

What are the markings? see photo
from left to right

H . A in well defined and edged rectangle (almost perfectly straight edges and 90 degree corners). The dot between H and A is aligned in middle of letter height not bottom.

A rectangle with top two corners cut across to form angles and bottom right hand corner cut even more off, bottom left corner appears almost 90 degrees. Inside this shape it appears to be perhaps the right half ONLY of a crown,(or at a pinch it could be a head looking leftwards but tiny, only on right hand side of shape and towards bottom and not easily recognisable as the standard young Victoria head- more likely the right half of a crown)

A rectangle with corners cut across at angle with 22 (very clear and well defined)

An anchor facing sideways (bottom of anchor to left)

A capital G in a square background with corners cut across

Where are the markings? on inside of ring band

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