Grandmother's grandmother's Pearls

by charles
(raleigh, nc, usa)

grandmother's grandmothers old pearls, knots in between, gritty against teeth - biggest pearl perfectly round and in the middle 6mm big approximately 50 to 52 pearls from each end. from 6mm perfect round pearl then size down to 2 mm at each end.

of course all are slightly diff but most are pretty close to round to be as old as it is its luster is quite stunning for age definitely AA some visible marks but not many to naked eye as i said knots in between definitely hand made and have a extreme silver tint with a pinkish glow in natural sunlight.
105 pearls I believe, 20 inches long 14k gold clasp i'd say AA standard all around. Honestly seems hand made all pearls wild to me maybe freshwater... not thin in in nacre at all really thick but I'm no expert i could take pics let me know if should..

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