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Fashion & Timeless Pearls
by: Yvonne

Good Afternoon

IF- the pearls are Natural Pearls (not freshwater) you are very lucky indeed, they are rare and extremely valuable, however because you mentioned the pearls were "perfectly rounded" I doubt very much they are Natural pearls. No two Natural pearls will be perfectly rounded or look exactly the same. Each millimeter of a Natural pearl's diameter are a result of many layers of nacre without any kind of human interference or high pearl grafting technology. That's why many pearl connoisseurs are obsessed by Natural Pearls. NATURAL - in a world obsessed with consumer demands dictated by the avarice of human consummation, has become a rare and much sought after quality.

Like Chanel's little black dress, a pearl necklace is an important part of a well-dressed woman's wardrobe. The pearls act as a blank canvas that can be defined only by the lady wearing the pearls. As in grandmother's days, as today, wherever there is fashion there are pearls.

Warm Regards,Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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