Great Grandma's Antique Costume Ring Beauty

by Alison

My boyfriend just gave me a beautiful ring that belonged to his great grandma. She passed away a few years back at the age of 93, so we don't know the history behind it. It's in stunning condition with no knicks or scratches. We are curious to find out what the gems are and if it is made from true gold/silver.

(It is fairly heavy, and so far, my finger hasen't turned green? That is about as far as my knowledge of jewelry goes!)

It's a family ring so it's fun to wear whether real or fake. I'm worried about harming the ring by wearing it too often? Is there a special way of storing antique jewelry? We would love some info on it, since neither of us know a thing about antique rings. If anyone can help shed some light on this beaut we'd greatly appreciate it!

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