Great Grandmother's Ring | H. A.

by Devon

I have a ring with the below markings

H.A. Crown 22 Sideways Anchor U
Please let me know what you think. Thanks


Good Morning Maine
Wonderful! Just wonderful. The marks on your heirloom antique gold ring are British Hallmarks which consist mostly of 3-5 marks, not necessarily aligned the same. These marks may include maker's mark, town mark, standard (purity) mark, date letter, and duty mark.

Crown 22 is the UK Purity Mark on 22ct GOLD - ca 1844 - 1974

U punch mark, is the Date Letter. It tells you the year the company registered the mark at the British Assay Office. For further information and an Expert Opinion Click HERE

H.A. is the Maker's mark. It might be ATKIN BROTHERS - HENRY ATKIN from 1841 - 1920s

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