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Art Jewelry of the 1920s
by: Yvonne

Hi Brenda!

the reason I asked about which method you used to clean the ring, is because the gold metal, the pearls and, soft on the mohs scale of hardness - turquoise, each have to be considered separately when cleaning jewelry.

I wouldn't put this ring in the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner, for example.

If we can't see the marks, even under loupe, how can anyone really determine? we are just talking in circles about hallmarks:-) Then, you have to consider other features of the ring - it now gets a little more difficult.

Art Jewelry of the Midcentury is a very interesting area of collecting. The materials were often non-precious materials. So, yes, you are absolutely right, your ring doesn't fit into Art Jewelry in the strict sense, but has elements, I think :-)

Brenda, what is the caratage?


Haute Couture Hallmark
by: Brenda

Hi Yvonne - I have never cleaned the ring, it is as it is :-) It does seem like somthing not one's style, but when I put it on, it was so unique I fell in love with it. Your right - the stamp is soft-which makes it very hard to discern, I wasn't thinking art movement though- I was thinking overseas import although it's not marked for import, I will look into the art movement more closely. Thanks

Artist Goldsmith?
by: Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Hi Brenda, although this is not the style of ring I would wear myself, the play with colors, the combination of materials and the three dimensional "twist" make this piece interesting and credit goes to the artist goldsmith. Small round blue turquoise, juxtaposed with round white pearls, cultured pearls? contrasting within a chunky yellow gold setting.

Do you think, inspiration could have originally come from the of Art Jewelry Movement that kicked off in the early -mid 20th century? Art jewelry is more artistic, and created by artists rather than commercial jewelers.

The role of jewelry as a social marker experienced a challenge in the late 1920s when painters and sculptors began to turn this into an art form.

I can't see the mark clearly, so I can't comment except to say, the marks look a bit on the wonk, not properly struck, and where there is no compulsory marking, artists/manufacturers usually stamp the jewellery themselves, displaying both their own identifying mark and the caratage or ‘fineness’ of each piece.

I have a question for you Brenda. How do you clean this ring?

Best Wishes,



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