Hebe and the Eagle?

by Pauline

I have a cameo that belonged to my grandmother who was born in England in the late 1800's. I think the cameo may have belonged to her mother. I have searched and can't find the picture anywhere. It has been used as a brooch and there is a very large bird sitting on a cup held by I thought possible Hebe although it could be a male and a sabre at the back of the girl or boy. He or she is sitting on the ground or a cloud carved in white.

The man or girl has a straight nose and is holding the cup in his or her right hand and the eagle looks like it is sitting on the cup looking right. The hair is off the forehead of the man or woman and sort of peaked at the front and the eagle is facing right with its wings expanded. I did think it may be Hebe but not sure if it is a girl or boy. Any ideas?

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