Help with a bracelet.

by jennifer

you asked for more information here goes....

the back of the bracelet has an unfinished look. The back looks like some kind of grey/silver metal. There is a metal coloured back with evenly spaced holes at the back of each flower (the flowers are on front side of the bracelet).

The links at each end of bracelet have marks. One has the number 2 and what looks like a 1 but the 1 is hard to make out. And the other end has a picture mark what looks like elephants and a monkey or human shape no great detail just shapes.

Front of Bracelet
the bracelet has 10 flowers with links in between the flowers which is made up of three layers and a central pearl and 8 gold ball shaped beads surrounding the pearl and then another layer of gold bead like petals under that.

I was told by the jeweler that it is gold plated or rolled gold. It weighs 21g and is 19cm long. In the design i see images of a coloured man with a pointed beard and a white lady with bobbed hair, monkeys, elephants. These cannot be seen with magnifying glass but can be seen zoomed in on the computer.

The clasp is oblong shaped with a central line that protrudes out and there is a ape like creature holding the protruding part and next to the ape there is a human white male face. The clasp folds over a square shaped link that is covered in the gold coloured beads and has a plain gold coloured bar that the clasp hooks round to secure.

I have added a picture of the back of the bracelet. Thank you

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