help with information and value please

by Sally-Anne Milton
(Rochester, United Kingdom)

Hi i've got a lovely cameo broach that i was given as a present many years ago that i don't wear and would like to sell. I know its old as it was a gift to my late mother inlaw when she was young by a wealthy lady she worked for.

It's has a 9ct rose gold surround (no hallmark)

made from shell with no craks and looks almost unworn, the shell is 38mm x 30mm, with high releif, i feel the detail is also very nice. I did some research on this last year but now cannot find that information but do remember it was late 1800s and one of the goddesses.

It would be great if you could tell me more and the best way of selling this for the best price and also its value, i feel its alot better than many i've seen on ebay with very high price tags. Kind Regards.

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