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Classical Lady with Lyre - Classical or Modern Reproduction?
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Kay

the frame looks antique, the shape of the cameo, style of the mark on the reverse indicate an earlier rather than a modern wedgwood cameo production line featuring the classical lady playing the lyre. The shade of the blue color looks slightly faded and therefore in keeping with an antique or older wedgwood production.

There are listings of a similiar wedgwood jasper cameo unmounted - the roman or greek lady playing the lyre on ebay. See photo below.

The color of your cameo will be one of the keys to its dating success.

Blue has been a popular wedgwood jasper color since the 1770s but which shade of blue?

1. Mazarine Blue was produced from 1777 - 1829

2. Midnight Blue was produced in 1999 as part of the modern "interiors" line of vases, bowls etc.

3. Pale Blue was produced in 1777-1826, 1841-1941, 1948-86 to the present.

4. Portland Blue - was first introduced in 1969. Introduced again in 1972 and again in 1980. Rivived in 1992.

5. Royal Blue first introduced in 1953, (to celebrate the coronation), produced for only 1-3 years. Rivived in 1977 for the Silver Jubilee. Revived again in 1980 for a full size 'Portland Vase' production, there was a limited edition of only fifty items.

More information on Wedgwood Jasperware can be found at the following link:

Yours sincerely

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