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Age of a Pearl
by: Anonymous

Hi Kevin

thanks for contacting and glad to know you enjoy our website!

Natural Pearls or "real pearls" are more expensive than other types of pearls. An X-ray will determine if they are Natural Pearls or not. The layers of Natural Pearls are all nacre and do not contain a starter bead, with Natural Pearls there is no interference from man.

Mikimoto first opened a pearl accessory store in Tokyo's Ginza district and exhibited his pearls at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1937, winning global fame, opening the floodgates of the cultured pearl market
and thus, a globally recognized Japan Brand Pearl was born.

The more information you can find out yourself about these earrings, the better, things like provenance, is vital, especially when it comes to pearl jewelry, this is the history of the earrings. For instance, do you know if the earrings were a gift to your grandmother or did she inherit them? What type of earring is it? The ear ring findings themselves will provide dating clues.

Concerning the age of the pearls, now your asking a good question indeed. The age of a pearl is a bit of a conundrum in the same way that Fossil Pearls are problematic.

To get pearls x-rayed is one thing, carbon dating is another. You might like to contact your closest GIA office and ask about x-raying of pearls, the cost and what's involved. GIA do provide this service. There is a link to GIA in the Jewelry Resources.

Images are vital if you are considering getting the pearls valued on-line and a white background is preferable. We can arrange for an independent Expert Opinion or an On-line Appraisal.

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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