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cameos and values
by: nanlie

I sold four of my mother's cameos and I also watch gem shopping (specifically on Sunday) or Saturday with the antique and very unique pieces for sale. They have shown hundreds of cameos and some are extremely valuable based upon the stone involved in the carving, the fineness of the carving, the base metal etc. I sold a sterling silver, cameo of a lady that had a very small diamond centered on it as her necklace with lattice type framing and I sort of regret selling that one but got around $100.00 for it. It was sent to Germany...

There were others that sold for less and several you can check out on ebay to make some comparisons. If any of the stones in green are jade, that increases the value, if they are mother of pearl and have other stone carvings on them, they are also valuable, if they have gold backings and frames... and so on.

The age is also a factor along with the quality of the carving. Only an appraisal would tell the closer value. If they have a gold or silver stamp, any diamond accents, and have either jade, angel skin coral, or other precious stones in the carving, they can be more valuable then others in the collection.

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