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Depends on several factors
by: Anonymous

As a top rated online seller, I can say that rarely do the items sell for the official "appraised value". An appraisal is really only good for supporting your online listing description. Which is not necessary in most cases if your description is accurate.

The price will depend on several key points:

Size of the diamond/diamonds (total combined carat weight)

Quality of the cut

Color of the diamonds

Treatment of the diamonds

karat of the gold (in this case is 14k which is excellent)

Overall condition of the ring (wear, dings, scratches, etc)

and weight of the whole ring in grams.

The time of year also makes a HUGE difference in how much you will receive for the ring. For example, during holidays like Christmas and Valentines Day
your ring will sell fast at a fair to great price.
However, during summer months when people are on vacation and the first part of the fall season when kids are going back to school, you will be lucky to get scrap price for it online.

Anytime of the year a pawn shop will most likely pay near or under scrap value. Currently, scrap for 14k is approx $22 a gram. Though this will vary according to the current price of gold at the time you sell. Selling online is the best possible choice for receiving maximum value as more people will see the item.

Review what others are advertising their rings for online - select the ones that are as close to what you have (based on the above factors) and then see what they have sold for. If you are selling online, price your ring between others listing prices and the price of what items sold for, allowing for offers when you can. Or stick as close to the "sold" price as much possible if your site does not have a best offer setting. This way you are being fair to both you and the buyer.

Hope this helps! Fox

old cut diamond ring gets thumbs up
by: Anonymous is a gorgeous old cut diamond there - you can see the dispersion of light coming from within the diamond in a couple of the photoes which if you do not mind me saying, with all due respect are not all that good :-)

Old Cut Diamonds
by: Anonymous

Hi Alicia

a lovely antique diamond ring! This ring can be valued online despite the fact that it contains antique cut diamonds. You cannot grade antique diamonds by the same standards as modern cut diamonds. This is because antique diamonds were cut by hand and will not have the same brilliance i.e "Light return" as a brilliant cut stone, however, what an old diamond cut lacks in brilliance it makes up for in disperison of light or what old timer's called a diamonds's "inner fire."

You should be aware that the value of your antique diamond as estimated by your average appraiser who mainly works with modern cut stones is unlikely to be equal or even close to the price that you will get if you sell the stone to a jeweler or a diamond dealer. Most appraisers who have studied diamonds are not well aquainted with antique diamonds!

So you find comparing old cut diamonds with modern like comparing classic cars to modern cars with jet fueled engines and devalueing the classic model because it doesn't have power steering. You cannot compare old cut diamonds to modern diamonds primarily because of the Cut.

In most cases, the average apprasier who values modern jewelry won’t even give you 50% of the price that diamonds of similar quality sell for at a manufactured jewelry store, and often, the actual figure will be somewhere around 20% or less!

If you want to make a conservative estimate of how much an average apprasier will value your antique diamond, look up modern cut stones of approximately the same carat weight, with the same color, clarity, and cut grades as your diamond.

Prepare to be disappointed. Look at the average retail price for these stones, and assume that you would get around 20% .

PLEASE NOTE: This method does not account for any vintage or antique value your antique diamond may have.

the expert valuation form can be found here....

Kind Regards
Antique Jewelry Investor Support Team

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