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Genuine Shell or People's Plastic?
by: Anonymous

Good Evening Angele!

do you know what metal the ring band is made from? Is it gold, silver, gold plated? If it is gold, do you know the caratage? Is there a gold hallmark? If the ring is handmade, there may not be a gold hallmark. The metal content will give you a clue about the cameo quality. It would be more appropriate, for example, to have a genuine shell cameo mounted into an 18 carat solid gold ring.

There is another way I have discovered Angele to tell if the cameo is plastic or shell. It's the famous teeth test! The test is also used to tell a cultured pearl from a Pearl Imitation.

Touch your lower front teeth to the cameo. Plastic has a slightly warm feeling than shell. Composite Cameos of plastic warm up when you touch them. Shell on the other hand is cool and feels much harder like a porcelain teacup. It's all about conductivity.

Concerning the subject of the Cameo, it appears to be a classical subject, with Greco-Roman straight nose etc. However, I would like to have my research team find out more information about the subject on your cameo ring. Please Stay Tuned.

Best Wishes,


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