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by: Anonymous

Hi Chris

it a shame we can't get a close-up of this natural pearl jewelry. Good news though, that you have the GIA Certificate! The only way to positively identify natural pearls is by X-ray.

Bahrain are renowned for their natural pearls - Persian Gulf Pearls. The highest quality natural pearls in the world have come from the Arabian Gulf - the word "pearl" is "lo-lo" in Arabic.

You might be happy to now that we have just introduced a new valuation service on Antique Jewelry Investor. We only used to do opinions.

Here is the link to the Antique Jewelry & Pearl Valuation Service

Once we have the valuation back, I would be interested in hosting this suite of jewels on Jewel of the Month for August 2010, providing you can get some good, close-up, in-focus photos of the jewelry ;-)

best wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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