I would like to know what type stone & the age of my cameo?

by Angela
(Ponca City, Ok, USA)

I found my cameo several years ago on a beach. I believe it was washed up from an old town under the lake.

I have searched online for one like it, with no luck.

It is made of some kind of a pink stone. It is one piece of stone & the color of the stone is solid pink. I think it is a profile of a female on the front of the cameo but I can't be sure.

The person is facing to the right, with long wavy hair and is wearing a headband. It appears to me to be a Native American.

When I tap it against my teeth it does not sound like plastic. It makes the sound of some kind of stone. It reminds me more of flint rock.

I know that it is not worth anything - I am more interested in it's history and if it is an antique cameo.
I hope someone can help.

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