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Pearl Necklace Information Valuation
by: Yvonne

Hi Dotti there are a number of investigations you have to perform on the pearls in order to find out if the pearls are cultured freshwater pearls. After you have determined the type of pearls you can then determine a price for your pearl necklace strand.

Are the pearls individually knotted? is there a little knot between each pearl? Do you have a jewelers loupe or magnifying glass? You will need it, to determine things like, the shape of the pearls, the color of the pearls, are they matching pearls? condition of the pearls, etc. Also how long is the necklace strand? Because there will be more pearls on a longer necklace strand, it is important to measure the length of the pearl strand.

The pearl closure, will also tell you are great deal about the pearls. Not much point in attaching a cheap clasp on a strand of premier pearls. Is there a marking on the clasp? Is it gold or silver? Is it decorative or plain? How is the last pearl attached to the clasp? This is also an important indicator as to the quality of the strand.

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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