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Comments for
Is it antique, vintage or comtemporary?

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Aug 17, 2010
Sending in Images
by: Anonymous

It's easy to upload a photo on antique jewelry investor. You can upload up to four images. Submit a follow-up question just like you did here, and type "Is it antique, vintage or contemporary" where it says: "name your hallmark question".

Then underneath the big box, (just type in follow-up or whatever..) press where it says - "Choose File" and select your image or images from your computer, facebook, flickr , picasa albums or wherever...

Here is the link to send in your follow-up submission and images.

best wishes,


Aug 17, 2010
The Cushion Cut is Cutting Edge, Not Antique
by: Anonymous

The Cushion Cut is a newcomer in gemstone cutting technology. Doug Hoffman patented concave cut in the early nineties, and his friend, Richard Homer is credited as perfecting the technique of the concave cut. Homer began cutting gems in 1974 and his designs have won 15 American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) Cutting Edge Awards.

The concave cut is a three dimensional conical shaped facet applied to the pavilion of the gem that creates depth as well as length and breadth.

This third dimension allows the gem to refract more light, and maximizes the gem's brilliance. The concave cut also distributes light more evenly, giving the gem a homogeneous interior glow.

Not all gems benefit from the concave cut. Although diamonds and lighter-toned gems increase up to 100% in brilliance when concave cut, darker gems like rubies can appear murkier and less attractive. The concave cut is more expensive than traditionally cut gems, due to the higher weight loss and the additional labor required.



Aug 17, 2010
Is it antique, vintage or contemporary
by: Anonymous

I was told the ring is a red topaz (actully more dark pink than red with a golden orange cast at the bottom. Precious perhaps?) as tested on presidium jem testor. The cut is a concave cushion...which I think would date it to 1980 since the concave cutter was patented that year. I still do not know what country it came from. Will up load a photo of the mark as soon as I figure out how to do it at your site.

Jul 14, 2010
Photo Request | More Information
by: Anonymous

Hi could you please up load a photo of the mark in a follow-up submission. You can now attach up to 4 photos. Please type "Is it antique, vintage or contemporary?" into the subject line so we know to assign the photos with your original post here. Thanks



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