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Un Bel Cammeo - Vintage Cameo Set
by: Anonymous

Good Morning Susan!

Un Bel Cammeo! What a pleasant surprise to see your lovely vintage cameo set in my mailbox this morning! Vintage cameo Jewelry is a great place to begin a jewelry collection.

I can see you have the original jewelry box; that's a really great start, and the reason why your circa 70 years old Curtis Curtman Cameo brooch and matching earrings is still in such great condition. Condition of the cameo is the key word for ALL Cameo Jewelry, including Antique Cameo Jewelry. It's a Cameo lover's worst nightmare to find an amazing shell cameo and to turn it over, and discover a fracture line running across the shell.

The CC in a circle is the maker's mark, for Curtman Company, also known as Curtis Creations, and was used by UNCAS Jewelry Manufacturers, founded by an Italian immigrant, Vincent Sorrentino in 1911.

Uncas Manufacturing Company have locations all over the world including 5th Avenue in New York. Read more about the Uncas company at the following link:

Best Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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