Is this a Cartier Diamond Brooch?

by Ante'
(Phoenix, AZ)

I recently took this item to the highest end jewelery store in our state. I was told this item is cartier. Before I send the item to cartier for research in the archives which is expensive I wanted a second opinion as it is not marked "cartier" The item is a gold and diamond brooch. the petals of the flower are mechanical and the diamonds are mounted on the tips of what would be the stamen. The marks are as follows 2 eagles heads, 18k, france and on another area of the piece barely visible there is a diamond makers mark. I am attaching the image. Any help whether it be age or a book to get etc. anything would help.

please flip the photo to try and figure it out. from one side it looks like a "L C" with an bird of some type. From the other it looks like "J F" with a dog LOL...the picture is through a jewelry loop at 10x through my iphone.

If you figure this out I would be sincerly appreciative.

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