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re: iPhone Boucher & Cartier - March 2010
by: Anonymous

I also have an 18kt yellow gold (although Cartier 18kt standard is of higher grade) diamond brooch. Brooch has two petals on the stem with one diamond that articulate to open floral bud. The petals are made of fine gold mesh and are set with graduated pave diamonds. Inside the bloom are diamonds set en tremblant. Mine is signed Cartier, numbered and other French marks.

I have read several Cartier books on the houses career, but none show this exact brooch I have. Just many like. I have scowered the internet looking for this exact brooch and have come up empty all year, until now. Would love to see the other anonymous brooch to compare. Signed of course makes it's value higher, but to whom? Jewelry is like art, " the eye of the beholder" and probably the size of their wallet. Best of luck!

Cartier Flamingo Clip
by: Anonymous

An exquisite example of magical Cartier Jewelry, please see the Duchess Flamingo Clip (in English and Arabic translation) that belonged to the Duchess of Windsor, and auctioned at Sothebys on the 30th November 2010. You will find some little known facts about Cartier for those interested.

Cartier pioneered the "Lavalliere" named after the popular actress Eve Lavalliere, which is another topic in itself.


Boucher and Cartier
by: Anonymous

Dear Ante'

thank you for writing in with the following hallmark question:

"I recently took this item to the highest end jewelery store in our state. I was told this item is cartier. Before I send the item to cartier for research in the archives which is expensive I wanted a second opinion as it is not marked "cartier" The item is a gold and diamond brooch. the petals of the flower are mechanical and the diamonds are mounted on the tips of what would be the stamen. .... from one side it looks like a "L C" with an bird of some type. From the other it looks like "J F" with a dog LOL...the picture is through a jewelry loop at 10x through my iphone."

Ante' the mark you have described sounds like it might be Cartier. Unfortunately however, we cannot see the mark clearly.

Boucher made jewelry for Cartier under the trade name -

mostly costume jewelry, New York ca. 1940s - 1950s.
The maker's mark is an L C with a small E in between.

I think it would be money well spent to get cartier to research further.

You can find more info about Cartier on the following pages of Antique Jewelry Investor:

Cartier's "GREAT CATS" were first commissioned by the Duke of Windsor for Wallis Simpson. A deeply personal symbol for the King of England who abdicated the throne, for the love of Wallis Simpson.

Since the late 19th century the big cats jewelry has been emblematic of the femme-fatale.

More Cartier info: The Baroda Pearl necklace strand is the historic two-strand Natural Pearl necklace of sixty-eight graduated pearls, measuring approximately 9.47-16.04 mm, with a diamond clasp by Cartier.

More Cartier Jewelry information can a be found on the following pages of Antique Jewelry Investor:

1. Antique Jewelry Buying Basics.

2. Identifying Costume Jewelry

3. La Peregrina Pearl

Best Wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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