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Roman/Greek Antiquity
by: Ayman Hammoua-Eyre

Hi Greg

It is an interesting finding what you came across, but to get more of a grounded opinion, you need too:

- upload photos, as clear as possible, and from different angles (no color enhancement or manipulation)
- also you should mention the dimensions of the item,
-the exact location where it was found, and the conditions (excavation, depth of strata....etc)

All the above will give a clearer picture and more information to work from, in order to identify the origin of the item and hence it's value - then you will be able to decide in which direction to proceed.
By the way, I came from Egypt, and similar Greek and Roman antiquities all along the Mediterranean shore are not uncommon.

Best of luck
Ayman Hammouda-Eyre

Original Greek
by: Greg

Yes Joanne,

The word is as old as the biblical Greek anyway. I originally found the meaning from a random Google search then backed it with a Vines Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words. Capri is directly across from Mount Vesuvius and there had been quite a few towns and cities swept away in the volcanic destruction that destroyed Pompeii, which had been on the sea shore at the time of the eruption. But, Capri has enough history of its own to make this interesting.

I will take some pictures and get them on as soon as I can.

THX, Greg

by: Joanne

Hi Greg
Wow! It sounds like
an antiquity that's washed up on the beach. maybe from an ancient ruin. In this area, there must be lots of ancient ruins. Maybe its been an old monastry or temple at one stage. the wording would be in an ancient language, wouldn't it? So I think a person that was familiar with ancient languages, languages from this area, would be of assistance. Can you take a photo of it? Good luck! Joanne

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