Krementz aka "Correct Jewelry For Men"

by Jo
(South Hamilton, MA)

Correct Jewelry for Men

Correct Jewelry for Men

So soooo happy to have found you! I have a cufflinks and tie clip set in what appears to be their original box. The box says "Correct Jewlery for Men" which I understand is another name Krementz marketed under. Two questions. It looks like the signature on the cufflinks reads "Long Quality". I could be wrong, it is hard to read. Would that be the right signature? I also cannot identify the stone. I am attaching a picture. I think the color comes through pretty accurately in the photo. The box also says 10K Rolled Gold Overlay so I'm pretty sure the box is original Krementz but confused about the signature on the links.

In case the color of the stone is not clear to you, it is a maroon color with some shimmering lines going through the stone. Thank you in advance for any ideas you may have! Jo

OK-I have just previewed my question and the picture is a little off in color. The stone does not look that has more red in husband says it is not really maroon but more of a "brown purple". If need be I have another picture that is more close up, or I can take more.

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