Lynn Bogue Hunt signed jewelry

by Marie McCumber
(Pearson, GA, USA)

Lynn Bogue Hunt was a wildlife painter in the late 1800s, d. 1860. His paintings can sell for as much as $850,000 and upward. I can find no record of him ever designing/making jewelry. I have been in contact with his family, and they have no knowledge of this.

In my aunt's estate, I discovered an exquisite pair of sterling silver earrings in the form of Quail. They are amazing in detail, mint condition, and appear to be copied from one of his paintings. They are signed Lynn Bogue Hunt.

A number of persons have expressed interest in buying the earrings, including family members. No one will make an offer; they are waiting for me to set a price.

Since I don't know anything about their value, I am reluctant to do this.

I have contacted auction houses and no one has ever heard of his signed jewelry. I can find nothing on the internet. I am 73 years old, recently retired and on a fixed income, and like every other "searcher" in the world, I hope to have stumbled on that "million dollar find."

Can you help me find information on this? Or can you refer me to someone who can help? I live in a small South Georgia town and there are no appraisers or anyone knowledgeable about antique jewelry in our area. Our best local jeweler could only say, "DO NOT sell these until you find out what you have." Help?

Marie M. McCumber

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