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British Hallmarks - Solid Gold!
by: Anonymous

Hi thanks for writing in. From description, your item has a full set of British hallmarks, indicating, 9 carat SOLID gold - NOT plated. Happy Birthday!

One Hundred and One Gold Facts Click Here.

UK (England, Scotland, Wales & N. Ireland): Mostly 3-5 Marks, not necessarily aligned or oriented the same. These marks may include the maker's mark, town mark, standard (Purity) mark, date Letter, and duty mark.

Hallmarks became a requirement for products made of silver and gold in 1300 in England. During that time, there was a required fineness for these items. For example, all silver products should be made of sterling silver. And those silver products that have passed the assay and have been found to be sterling will bear the mark of quality.

Any product that has a lower purity cannot bear the mark and is considered substandard. But during recent years, this law has changed.

Gold, silver and platinum with lower purity - millesimal fineness is indicated in the product to let the consumers know of its true value.

In 1972, the Hallmarking Convention was held where certain guidelines regarding the trade of precious metals were discussed. In 1975, the use of the Common Control Mark took into effect by the contracting members of the convention.

Best Regards,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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