Makers Mark / Hallmark? I think it's a ship.

by Gram
(Palm Springs, CA USA)

Recently purchased a nice 1/2ct solitaire diamond ring, with 3 paved diamonds on each side.

Very rich in color of gold (18k+) stamped / hallmarked as "850" ... purity

Now for the hard part. (discribing this w/o a photo) To the right is a symbol / hallmark / Makers Mark i dont know the proper term. It appears to be a left facing boat or ship with two sails. The entire symbol is made up of 3 smaller shapes, aranged like a happy face. The two top shapes appear to be identical though the left one is smaller possibly from an uneven strike, but are in the shape of rounded narrow triangle, pointed up.

The lower shape spans the two upper shapes and is a narrow rectangle with a squared right side and a curved up portion on the left. Making this mark look like a boat/ship sailing to the left. OR an emote with straight mouth but a slight raised smile on one side.

Any help identifying age / orgin from this mark would be great.

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