need help with identifying brooch with rare trade mark

by Lanelle Whitaker
(Spokane, washington)

My grandmother gave me a brooch before she died. It's a gold brooch pear shaped with a large amethyst stone in center and it's signed "Panella". It has a rare trade mark of a gold tassle hanging down on the side of brooch. I found the same one on the internet and a picture but it did not have that same trade mark of a gold tassle hanging down on side. I was told it's a very rare piece and very valuable because it was the only one made with that mark of gold tassle. Please if anyone can help me with this piece and verify that it is rare and valuable because of that tassle mark hanging down please let me know. Help me with any information please. Thanks my email is lanylove5ATgmailDOTcom

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