Nervous about an auction Cameo I won on-line

by Kara
(Festus, MO, USA)


I am absolutely delighted to find your site. I love cameos. I found a habille on a thrift store website and won the auction. I was so anxious and wanted to add a habille cameo to my collection so badly that I really didn't examine the cameo closely and battled to win it in the end thinking I was getting it for a bargain. Afterward, I felt scared and worried about this "investment." I spent more on it than I ever have on one in my collection. I typically am very careful about what I buy, ask a lot of questions about them, and am not so impulsive.

The thrift store states it is 10K gold setting, a genuine diamond in the hair accent and it is a pendant. They claim they tested it using such-and-such equipment. They did not mention any fractures. Unfortunately, I asked too late and they didn't respond stating I have to ask all questions before the auction ends (Yes, I learned several lessons here and hope others do too!) They show a picture of it weighing 3.1g.

I am hoping you will take a look at it and tell me what you think.

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