Pendant Necklace with a Love Story - Lots of Questions

by Christi
(Omaha, NE)


My mom passed away last year and for Christmas this year my grandmother gave me this necklace along with a very cool story of how it came into our families possession. In the 1950's my Grandpa was in the air force and stationed in Webster, Texas.

My grandmother often took walks with my mom when she was a baby in her stroller and they met a sweet older lady. When they learned they were being stationed elsewhere and told the lady, she asked my grandma to wait a minute. She came back and told her that she had fallen in love with my mother and wanted her to have something of hers. So she gave her this necklace, which was given to her by her new husband right before he left for WWI, which sadly he never returned from. I don't know much about jewelry at all and am not sure how to go about trying to figure out (if possible) the maker of this necklace. Also wondering what the white hanging pendant might be made from and what the middle stone may be. Lastly, what should I clean it with?

I am afraid to use anything that could harm it, although on the back it is stamped with M over a W and 14k. I'm guessing the MW is made with? Sorry for all the questions, would just like to learn any more about the piece.

Thank you,


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