Pompeii Italy Cameo

by Marguerite Anselmi
(Highlands, Texas, USA)

Pompeii Set

Pompeii Set

In 2007 My sister and I went to Italy. I with the main purpose to acquire my own Cameo, one like my mother had for as long as I could remember. I purchased these three from a very old lady outside the Pompeii, Italy site from an old run down street booth. She tried to sell me the cheap looking ones but when I touched my teeth to it, it wasn't like my mothers. I explained as best I could I wanted something that looked old/antique like my mothers, something I could be proud to own and pass down through the generations to my children.

She smiled the warmest smile and patted my hand then bent down to get something from under the chair. Pulling an old wooden hand carved box the size of a cigar box. I fell in love with the box. When she opened the box I knew I had to have them. She said they were mine for a certain price, in Euros, $180 each (our $ at that time was $1.60 for every Euro). I never bought one, but that was steep to me since she would not let me touch them or include the box in the purchase.

I walked away, looked at other little souvenir shops. As we were leaving she approached me, she knew I was serious about a cameo because she had watched me go shop to shop and only look at cameo's. she said they were her families, but she didn't have any more family just her. (I felt wretched) Then she named a price of $60 Euros for all three.

Yep, I paid her. I may have gotten scammed but I love them, I do not wear them as two are loose. I am afraid to loose them. I have included pictures, (have a lot more if needed) a ring, a pin and a necklace pendant. they are all concaved in the back they all have markings...I can't read. They seem to be hand-made on the metal side, but the cameo could have been replaced.

The necklace pendant has a helmet of a face on top of the head like two faces. I don't know what they worth, but I would like any information you may have besides my story.

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