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Reply to Yvonne
by: Keri


Many thanks for the quick reply! I was told that it was a ruby in the center, flanked by a small diamon on either side. The stones are each about 1.5mm in diameter. I apologize for not including this info in my original post.

When I was researching the hallmarks the number 14 was confusing to me as well.

Are you familiar with the leftmost hallmark - the one of the lion or cat? In my reasearch I saw discussion of a "lion passant" but, like the number 14, that didn't seem consistent to the other details.

Lastly, am I right in thinking that none of the hallmarks in the photo seem to be a maker's mark? Would a lack of this mark be normal? With the engraving I thought maybe it was custom made by a smaller jeweler.

Thanks again for your help!

Unending Love & Buckled Belts
by: Yvonne

Good Morning!

Kerri, congratulations on your beautiful Antique Buckle Ring. Are they tiny seed pearls we can see peeping out from either side of the red stone, which could possibly be a ruby?

The number 14 is confusing in this set of hallmarks, which is more common on USA/Asia continent - 14 carat gold means the metal is comprised of 585 % gold.

The Crown looks like a UK hallmark - crown of CHESTER with the date mark uppercase E (appearing at the end of series) and again consistent Square surround and again consistent with the year of 1872 - this date also consistent with popularity of Buckle Rings of the late 19th century Victoria England, which impacted the Continent.

The Buckled belt or Garter was a decorative symbol of the late 19th century, denoting unending love, and interpreted in various materials such as hair, enameled gold, etc for mourning dress during this period. There is a link in the Jewelry Resources to a Video On Mourning Customs in relationship to the 19th Century and Jewelry ...

Thanks for writing in...

Warm Wishes,
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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