Premier Designs Copied a Vintage Cross

by Denise
(Livermore, CA)

My husband found a cross at a yard sale 20 or so years ago. I think it is pewter and has what looks like Italy stamped on the back with something else that is unreadable. Several years ago, my friend's niece was selling Premier Designs jewelry, and they had a bracelet and necklace with the same design, but with their mark on the back of the cross. I bought both pieces and then after refinding my original one, contacted the company as I had always wondered about it. Their customer service department was less than useful and said they could not help me.

Any idea what/when/where the cross is from, or anything about it? Here is a link to an Etsy listing that shows Premier Designs version. Mine is larger, 1 3/4 inches square, and much more worn.

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