by Michelle
(Ontario, CA, USA)

I have never seen a fish where a diamond ring or any other jewelry was for that matter. I think we all felt the same as you when that scene was played. Heck No I would never have parted with that necklace. It would have meant mourning all over again.

What good are jewels anyway if not to be enjoyed, admired and treasured by us human beings. I doubt the ghosts of any of those people are under the sea anyway. Bring it up let us enjoy the artistry and wealth aboard the Titanic on its fatal voyage and most Importantly let these items stand to remind us of the history behind them, so that we will never forget the tragedy and why it happened. After all haven't we lost enough already?

This question you ask about the recovery of the Titanic jewels and artifacts makes me ask another question, which to me has the same meaning, and I don't mean to sound morbid but my question "Should we recover the bodies or leave them alone and undisturbed on the ocean floor?" If we are able, we definitely should. Without question.

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