regarding items found from Titanic ship

by Yvonne S,
(San Francisco)

Basically items recovered from the Titanic ship is a 2 sided subject.

One--the surviving family members, like the great grand kids should be able to claim items that is KNOWN... to be their relative. Otherwise ...Two... it is a historical item and should be put in a museum.

I don't think it should be left on the ocean floor. The Titantic itself will rust away and be a marker or memorial, plus other heavy ton items made from brass that will always last. It is better to preserve as many items as possible for kids in the future to see how time stood still in 1912.

I myself saw the exhibit when it was in San Francisco and wished that there could have been more items because it was so fascinating.

Also, look at Egypt and the continual digging in the desert to collect historical ancient egyptian items that can go into a museum for people to see forever. And how much of our culture repeats the art from the ancient Egyptian times?

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