Relic Rosary Religious Cross

by Christina
(Oldsmar, fl, usa)

Complete rosary

Complete rosary

I have a rosary that appears to be pretty old. The "beads" on it appear to be wood perhaps? The crucifix itself has a compartment that opens by unscrewing the bottom, inside is a piece of paper that says" Ex Terra Calcarii, Ex Ligno Olivet Jeruselem". The actual relic itself is not there.

I have looked on line but have not been able to find a rosary with the same crucifix on it.

The medallion is the Madonna (?) and on the other side at the top, is a cross with what appear to be clouds (?) directly below (it looks like something is coming out of the clouds) and some sort of decorate foliage along the bottom edge. The crucifix also says Roma on the back.

Any help would be appreciated.


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