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by: steve

the 12 might very well indicate 12ct...the *5 would then indicate 0.5 or half...i.e. half 24ct (pure gold), which of course is 12!

12ct is pretty rare, so it would be well worth further investigation.

Researching British Hallmarks
by: Anonymous

Hi Donna, thanks for writing in. Unless you can read the date letter, and determine if the letter is a "K" or a "H" you will not be able to determine a date. You may need to use a Jewelers Loupe for this.

Concerning the digits, "12" it may be the gold standard mark.

The standard 12ct gold and 15 ct gold was replaced with 14ct in 1931. Today 12 carat gold would be unacceptable in Great Britain for Hallmarking.
You can Research British Date Letters & Maker's Marks Here.

Happy Hunting!
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre
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