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Elsie wedding ring hallmarks
by: Sue GouldingAnonymous

Hi i entered my mothers wedding ring hallmarks on you web site and was amazed that you knew her name. Can you please tell me how you knew her name please as I am intrigued.

Many thanks

Sue Goulding nee Susan Hooker

Very useful information
by: Gail

I have a gold wedding ring with the same markings except mine is a letter D, exactly like the one in the first column.
Do you have any other information for me about this ring please?
We found it in a local quarry.
K8nd regards

Date Letters Matter In Hallmark Identification
by: Anonymous

Good Morning

these are UK Hallmarks Elsie. The crown followed by the numbers 22 appears
on UK 22kt Gold from 1844 - 1974. It means the gold is 22 Karat gold which is high quality and the more traditional chose for a wedding ring.

It is a British Royal Family tradition that Royal couple's wedding rings were crafted from gold from the Clogau St David’s mine in Bontddu, North Wales. Read More about the Duchess of Cornwall.

Previous royal wedding ring sets have been made from 22 karat gold from the same mine. Some rings indeed from the very same nugget of gold! In keeping with tradition, only the highest carat gold (22 kt) was used.

So we have a large time frame of manufacturer's marks with the initials HS for which we must try and eliminate. There are a number of HS registered makers, so to narrow down this window we might approach it from the date letter perspective. From back to front;-)

Below are the Birmingham date letters. Can you please compare the date letter on the end of the series of marks on your ring; the letter G with the G date letters on the date letter chart below and see if any of the G letters match (the date will be somewhere between 1844-1974).

Get back to me with your findings Elsie and we should be able to better pin down the maker.

Best Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Birmingham Date Letters

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