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Tiffany ring 14kp
by: Lisanaomi

I am interested in buying a Tiffany ring and was told that the person recieved the ring in a Tiffany box when it was given to them and this was in the 1980s it is supposedly something called plum gold and this is the reason why it is only marked with, 14KP ...that's it...what do you think about authenticity?

If you have reason to believe it may be Tiffany & Co., the ring should be Appraised.
by: Anonymous

Hi Sandra

the ring looks lovely on your finger. Jean Schlumberger designer for Tiffany, rediscovered the 19th-century art of paillonné enamel, a process of layering enamel over 18 karat gold leaf. Schlumberger has captured the attention of beautiful women and museum curators worldwide. It is said, that his imagination is his genius.

Bird on a Rock" - is one of Jean's (and one of the world's) most fantastical pieces.

Sandra, the marks inside the ring need to be authenticated by a expert in Tiffany Jewelry. A Jewelry appraisal can be arranged by filling in the Appraisal form HERE. Images of the marks, and a couple of close-ups of the ring, would make authentication easier.

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