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Diamond and Triangle Manufacturer's Marks
by: Yvonne

Hi Kevin

working on premise that the diamonds are <> shapes not the gemstone. Not an easy one, might also be an unregistered mark. Kevin, couldn't see two diamond shapes followed by letter C although I confess did not spend too long searching this morning. We are about to go exploring old volcanic craters ( now freshwater lakes) in the Atherton Tablelands near where we live:-)

Also C might not be related to manufacturer's mark. Another possiblity that we need to eliminate; the diamond shapes may not even be the manufactureres mark. The letter X for example has been used as an export mark. Triangles too!

A photo would help. For example if the C is in a small circle next to the shapes, it may not be connected with the sponsors mark.

What I did notice however, is there appears to be a predominance of triangles and the diamond shape motif with manuafactureres of Silver and Silverpated wares, i.e.. Friedman Silver Co, who later became GORHAM. 1908-1960 is a diamond in the centre with two triangles either end with J in one triangle and F in the other, and what looks like a little crown but not sure) in the centre diamond, on manufacturer's Pewter and Silverplated wares.

Modernist Jeweler, Finn Jensen (1960s-80s) from Norway has an eye catching unmistable trianglular mark which is an
Upside down triangle followed by 925S

You could try the expert opinion service for a more in depth search of this mark.

Kindest Regards,


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