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Elephant Pendant Mark
by: Anonymous

your description of the letters do match what we can just make out on this item.

the photo of the mark is not in focus.

This makes tracing the origin of maker all the more difficult

I would love to help further, please upload three photos in a follow-up submission, one of the mark, and two of the pendant in
its entirety taken from different angles.

Could you also include the weight and the Caratage.

Title your question:
"Follow-up solid gold and diamonds elephant pendant"

Thank You
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

Easily Trackable Hallmarks
by: Anonymous

i was under the impression that jewelry was easily trackable……i was wrong….lol

Informative Comment
by: Anonymous

thank you for the post …..very clear and informative,…

Elephant Pendant & Elephant Symbolism
by: Anonymous

Gold elephant pendant with a diamond on the soul of his foot is adorable! The diamond in the right foot of the elephant we feel is symbolic.

The symbolism of the Elephant is ancient.

The elephant's foot is very large and when it moves it can stamp out the footprints of any other animal. Hindu Symbolic meaning is that all obstacles in the way will be removed when Ganesha is accorded the pace of honor. Ganesha (elephant headed deva) is loved by Hindu and non-hindu people around the world.

Elephants live in separate social groups of females and male. Members of the female herds care and protect their young, act together for mutual protection from predators, and maintain loving relationships across the generations.

The older, experienced females act as the Grandmothers of the Herd, using their experience and wisdom to assist the mothers and calves with the problems of life. Unlike much of human society, elephant herds demonstrate how close supportive relationships can be maintain between the generations by the feminine members of family.

Elephants depend heavily on their well-developed sense of smell to stay informed on their environments. The sense of smell symbolizes the ability to discriminate between positive and negative environments. Elephant can bring the gift of discrimination, so that if you are contemplating some important decision, you will notice if something does not smell "right" about your options, and you will take more time to find more positive solutions.

Concerning the hallmarks, we would need to see a close-up of the mark, and any other information about the piece, that you think could help our research. You can send the images too:


Being solid gold, the weight and the gold purity would play a key role in determining its value based on todays' gold price. Check today's gold price under the link -Todays' Gold Price in Jewelry Resources.

Best Regards

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Ted Andrews' book "Animal Speak" for symbolic analysis.

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