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SP, Crow, on Vintage Cameo Ring
by: Cyndi

thank you Yvonne, Indeed this is a ring, the measurements are not shown correctly here, the width of the cameo including the mounting are 3/8ths of an inch at width and 1/2 inch long not including the single gold spot dots on the top and bottom. (small in size, about the size of a sewers pin) The rectangular setting is not perfect, not mishapen but does not look like it came from a mold.

Strangely, the imprinting on the inside of the ring is upside down to the face of the cameo lady. The Cameo itself, appears loose, like a large front tooth and would easily be lost (this is why it has rarely been worn)

The imprint of the SP you refer to, appears that both the letters are of same size, the letter P appears to me that the top is not rounded but a little flatter? the imprint is well pressed, the darker notations behind the SP are darker and the SP is clearly the gold in colour. Looking closely the P appears a minute bit larger.
I don't know if this gives you any clues, I will have my husband put on his macro lens and do some photography!

Please send me any ideas you have, this is very interesting. I do know that My Great Grandmother came from a well to do family, My grandmother herself closely missing passage on the titanic. I am unsure if this was Gr. grammas ring or gg gramma.

Thank you, I truly appreciate this and will post pics soon!

SP Maker 19th Century probably Victorian
by: Yvonne

Good Morning

thanks for writing in.
Cyndi, Is it a cameo ring or a broach? The measurements seem much too large to be a ring.

Crown followed by 22 is a UK gold standard mark, ca. 1844-1974.

It is quite possible, the cameo was carved in Italy and bought as a souvenir of travel made so much easier by the new railway system; set into the ring by a UK jeweler on return to England's green and pleasant land, after the grand tour.

The maker SP mark, can't be UK William Spacman (Silver & Gold Smiths) as the UK 22 gold standard mark does not match Spacman's dates, which were earlier - 1700-1730s.

I need more information, at this point. Also, as I do not have the benefit of a photo, can you please tell me if there is a decimal point between the letters? And do both letters finish at the same height?

With Regards
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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