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Fred Manshaw
by: Anonymous

Fred Manshaw was an English company started by Manfred Durst and John Najmann. You can read about it here:

It has since stopped trading, although the business is still incorporated as DUNA Trading Limited, I am unsure of their presence.

by: steve

FM is the sponsor mark for a company called Fred Manshaw. This company was famous for making charms, but I don't think they're trading any more. They started in the 60s and were really big in the 70s when charm bracelets were all the rage.

Gold Purity - 9 carat gold is the hardest wearing!
by: Anonymous

Hi Karen

there are a number of FM initials marks on jewelry. If you can't send in an image, you could try searching in the Jewelry Resources.

Ok. You know it's 9 carat gold. That's a start.

The most common carats used for gold in bullion, jewelry making and by goldsmiths are:

24 carat (millesimal fineness 999 or higher)
22 carat (millesimal fineness 916)
21 carat (millesimal fineness 875)
20 carat (millesimal fineness 833)
18 carat (millesimal fineness 750)
15 carat (millesimal fineness 625)
14 carat (millesimal fineness 585)
10 carat (millesimal fineness 417)
9 carat (millesimal fineness 375)
8 carat (millesimal fineness 333)
1 carat (millesimal fineness 042)

Warm Regards


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