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Can't place right now-but have seen face before
by: AnonymousRedd

I think that i saw it/horse/dragon/whatever/?

At one of 3(ish ? / + ? ) places
At So Cal Spring Renaissance Faire - l
ate 1980's through early 1990's
When researching OLD Fairy Tales -not watered down feel good Disney Shite - scary ones - umm maybe Kevin Cline - not sure of Spelling

When looking up family crest from the UK &

Mares of Diomedes
by: Monica

Another possibility that came to my mind was it was one of the four Mares of Diomedes that Hercules had to capture as one of his labors.

Horseplay or Immortal Courage?
by: Yvonne

Thanks for writing in and uploading an image of grandma's cameo with horse head in profile, who looks like he's come down from heaven (or hell).

.. but I don't think this subject is horsing around..

and I'm leaning towards Arion. In the History of Jewelry, Cameo and greek mythology have been great bedfellows. Arion or Areion (Ancient Greek:'Ἀρίων, Ἀρείων, gen.: Ἀρίωνος, Ἀρείωνος) is a divinely-bred, extremely swift immortal horse which, according to the Latin poet Sextus Propertius, was endowed with speech.

Warm Wishes,

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