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Tiffany & Co | Art Nouveau
by: Anonymous

Hi Karen

thanks for writing in. An Exquisite piece. I believe this mark, Tiffany & Co was used only ca. 1875 - 1891.

Art Nouveau Jewelry was mostly produced between 1895 -1910, when jewelry of the late 19th century was ripe for change. Usually, Woman, was depicted unashamedly sensual, framed by recklessly untamed hair, is the quintessential symbol of Art Nouveau jewelry.

Art Nouveau woman, expertly crafted, is a great favorite motif of Antique Jewelry Investors who are drawn to Art Nouveau Jewelry. The motif, on the brooch, is unusual, reminiscent of a classical scene from ancient greece, what you might more usually see on an Antique Cameo.

There are quite a number of Tiffany Jewelry marks that were produced in the past. This leads to confusion, plus there are Tiffany forgeries.

From the images, I believe it is authentic Tiffany Jewelry. Most of the items with this particular Tiffany mark, (I tried to zoom in as close as i could but a close-up of the mark would help experts, for appraisal purposes) were made to order by high-end manufacturers. This would also explain the 14 K Gold mark. I would definitely get this beautiful item appraised. We do offer an on-line appraisal service carried out by experts in their respective fields of expertise, if interested.

best wishes,

Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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