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Tarifari Sage & Fuschsia Necklace
by: Kerry

I believe that your necklace may be from the 1961 collection that was shown in an ad whose copy reads, 'Memo to a smart woman.....' I sold what I believe is the matching brooch here:

These colors are currently desirable. Your necklace's value depends on what the market will bear, and in what country you live. A good way is to search for your item on eBay, then click on the 'completed items' on the left of the page to look at sales.


Thanks Yvonne!
by: Anonymous

Thank you Yvonne, I checked for the Trifari marking, it's on the clasp, and it's a Crown Trifari. I have not weighed this necklace, I've had it for about 15 years and forgot about it until I found it in an old jewelry box of mine. As you suggested, maybe I will have it appraised, though not sure it's worth the amount of an appraisal. Thanks so much, have a blessed New Year!

Trifari Costume Jewelry Marks
by: Yvonne

Good Morning!

Christine, thanks for writing in. Your vintage necklace looks beautiful. What a bonus having the extension piece. Great that it's got some heft to it! Have you weighed the piece? What an astonishing color combination - sage green and fuchsia colored rhinestones.

Christine, all genuine vintage Trifari jewelry will have a vintage costume jewelry mark as there is no such thing as "unsigned vintage Trifari." There are quite a few Trifari variations of the Trifari costume jewelry mark, indicating the date of manufacture so images of the mark are also important.

As the demand for vintage costume jewelry increases, so do the fakes that have appeared on the market.

Vintage settings are usually smooth and rhodium plated and fakes may have a textured finish or an attempted 'antique'
or oxidized look. In the History of Rhinestone Jewelry genuine Rhinestone Jewelry must be at least 40 years old.

Best Wishes
Yvonne Hammouda-Eyre

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